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4 Lessons Instagram Can Teach You About Web Design

It cannot be argued that Instagram is one of the best social media platforms today. Although Instagram is deemed as a platform that is mainly concerned about uploading videos and images, there are still a lot of features it can do based on the web app development.

And, because it can do a lot of things, it can also teach us some useful lessons about web design that we can incorporate the next time we create a website. So, read on to find out what these lessons are.

  1. It Teaches Us to Use Only High-Quality Images

What do Instagram users do on a regular basis? They upload photographs, of course! And, with smartphones that come with pretty good and competitive cameras, we can now instantly snap some crisp and high-quality images.

The platform just teaches us that no matter what we do, we should always make use of high-quality images only. Since we can take pictures with our mobile phones, there is really no excuse not to use the best snaps you can take.

There is also a push for more original photography and this is actually a good thing since this will truly make your website more unique.

And while you’re uploading images on your own site, be sure to optimize it as well by adding pertinent tags and making sure that they’re a bit scaled down for faster site loading speeds and for SEO purposes as well.

  1. It Encourages You to Have a Minimalistic Approach to Website Creation

When you click on a profile on Instagram, there is no more extra fluff; you’re presented with images and videos that a certain user uploads on their own account.

That is why having a minimalistic website is crucial since people have a very small amount of patience nowadays. They do not want to have to click a lot of things before they can arrive at where they want to be.

They should be able to get what they came for in as little as one or two clicks and that’s it. That is why the next time you create a website, it doesn’t have to be too outlandish; it just has to have a nice and intuitive interface.

  1. Add or Integrate Instagram on Your Website

Social media websites are more than just, well, connecting with other people. It can also be used as a stepping stone to greater heights.

When you have a business website, for example, you can upload your product pictures on your Instagram account

as a way of promotion. What’s good about this is that you can add hashtags and you can even put a short description of the product as well.

Furthermore, since you can easily upload images, you can also edit the details on the fly as well; something that you cannot do when you use conventional methods of promotion like print or radio ads.

  1. It Helps Drive More Traffic

The reason why you want to use Social Media for your website is to help drive more traffic to it. Promoting your website by either putting a link or adding an image that contains the link to your homepage makes it easier for people to go there and, hopefully, convert into your customers.

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