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5 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Outsourcing Service Providers


Picking the best hosting company in Malaysia is not an easy task. The outsourcing service provider you will choose must have a proper understanding of the real essence of corporate communication. Aside from understanding all of your online business requirements, they should be able to communicate efficiently with the in-house team.

2.Outsourcing Cost

More and more outsourcing providers are dominating the industry. This made outsourcing costs very competitive. Thus, before taking any major step with regards to your ecommerce project, it’s crucial to do some in-depth research first. By doing so, you can check whether that price quoted by your chosen partner is justified.

3.Resource Quality

Resource quality is the very first thing you must check when picking from a long list of outsourcing companies. Assess thoroughly how capable and qualified their workforce is, and whether they have previous experience in working on similar projects.


Check the company’s infrastructure before outsourcing your brand and business to any service provider. Check if the potential outsourcing company has all the required infrastructural backups and safeguards that can prevent complex disruptions during the server’s downtime.

5.IP and Confidentiality

Are you picking an outsourcing business that is based abroad? Then, it’s crucial to check if these professionals understand your IP needs, as well as confidentiality protection. It’s also important to assess if it has enough enforcement for patent, trademark and copyright laws.

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