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Baby Care 101: Infant Sleep Safety

Infant Sleep Safety

1.Don’t place your little one on a sofa, arm chair or couch to sleep. These are dangerous areas for a baby to sleep on.

2.Do you love shopping for baby carriers in Malaysia for your child? While baby carriers are nice and useful, this is not the right place to let your baby sleep for an extended period of time. It’s important for our little ones to sleep on their backs comfortably at all times, and preferably, skin-to-skin with their moms. If you are not yet familiar with this, feel free to read more about kangaroo care.

3.Let your baby sleep a firm sleep surface. A crib that meets CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)’s safety standards is highly recommended, along with a firm mattress and fitted sheet which are designed for that specific product. Also, nothing else must be in the crib, except for your baby.

4.Make sure that your little one’s sleeping area is in the same room where you sleep. This is crucial for the next 6 months, or one year. Keep her near your bed as much as possible.

5.Some people also recommend bed sharing with babies, but according to some, this is not the way to go. Don’t share your bed with the baby if:

  • You smoked all throughout the pregnancy, or if someone else sleeping on the bed is a smoker
  • You have taken any drugs or medicine that will make it more difficult for you to wake up.
  • The baby is much younger than 4 months old.
  • The baby was born with low birth weight, and prematurely

6.Only put the baby on the bed for comfort, or if she needs to nurse. If there is a chance that you might fall asleep, see to it that there are no sheets, blankets, pillows or other objects that can cover the baby’s face.

7.Keep all the loose bedding, or any kind of object that can increase the risk of strangulation, suffocation or entrapment out of the child’s sleeping area. These may include comforters, pillows, toys, blankets, quilts or other similar items that attach to crib sides.

8.It is perfectly fine to swaddle the child. Though, ensure that the child is always on her back. See to it that the swaddle is not very tight.

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