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How to Get a Remote Freelance Web Development Job without a Fleshed Out Portfolio?

Successful Freelance Web Developer

I work as a freelance web developer and I can say that I am a pretty successful one. Every month, I get to have at least one client talk to me to have a website created for them. I also have a blog where I share my own thoughts and ideas to help any budding developer get through.

I constantly get emails asking me how to become a successful freelance web developer. I always follow it up with the statement that different levels of experience are required on different type of projects. Then, I also add, “What projects that you have succeed to develop?”

Oftentimes, people get the impression that you will need a good portfolio website highlighting their skills to help entice clients. Well, having a portfolio website does help your chances of getting hired, but it isn’t necessarily a requirement.

The reason is that most clients do not even browse through the entire portfolio anyway. Sure, they will know what you’re capable of, but different clients have different wants and needs.

Portfolios only aim to provide the client with a glimpse of your talents, but it is in no way beneficial for them in the long run. They want someone who can deliver the results that they want, period.

How to Get a Remote Freelance Web Development Job without a Fleshed Out Portfolio?For the most part, clients are not all too impressed with your resume. They want to have their business problems solved and that is with the creation of a website that has all the bells and whistles. In other words, once a client talks to you, they would always end up with the question, “can you help me solve my problem quickly?”

A good remote freelance web developer is always the one that delivers the goods within a respectable time frame. So, how do you get that job without a good fleshed out portfolio?

1. Start Building Easy Components

Do not create full-fledged websites, but you can start building easy components that you can do within a day or two instead.

Once that is done, you can email a cover letter that highlights the different components that you could easily implement on a client’s website and you can further discuss the details once they follow it up with a question pertaining to that.

2. Get a Good Hosting Service

I know that you have the talent to create website components as you please, but you will need a good hosting service so that clients can easily see them. If you do not want to spend some money, that is okay. There are free alternatives out there that allow you to host your content without spending a dime. You could use Codepen, JSBin, and Plunker for starters.

3. Start Getting Practice Challenges

How to Get a Remote Freelance Web Development Job without a Fleshed Out Portfolio?I know that creating a full website is not the way to go, especially since most clients rarely look at the entirety of it. However, this is not to say that you do not challenge yourself.

I encourage you to start a 21-day challenge where you create website components and other similar projects in the allotted time frame. Doing so will not only improve your skills, but anything that you’ve made can be shown to your potential clients, making it easier for them to choose you over the others.

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