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Some Foods that Increase and Some that Decrease Libido in Men that You Should Know

If you have been using male enhancement pills for some time now, you might think that that is the only way for you to last longer in bed. Well, I am here to tell you that although those pills do work wonders when it comes to sexual stamina, that is not the only thing that does the same for you.

There are foods that actually somewhat mimic what those pills can do and in today’s article, I will go over the foods that do increase your libido. I will also talk about some foods that may also decrease your libido as well.

Foods that Increase Libido

Increasing a man’s sex drive through different foods means that you should focus on eating the things that can help improve blood circulation and improve heart health. With that being said, here are some of the foods that can increase your libido:


This cruciferous vegetable, according to Keri Glassman, a registered dietitian, is high in vitamin C content. This particular vitamin is able to boost your immune system, but more importantly, it does wonders for your penis by improving the blood that enters through its chambers, allowing you to hold an erection for a much longer time.

The entire black raspberry fruit should be consumed if you want to take advantage of its sexual benefits. That is because the seeds of a black raspberry are where the phytochemicals reside and these chemicals have been known to improve one’s sexual endurance, as well as one’s libido.

How much black raspberries should you consume? Ideally, you want to eat as much as a tablespoon worth of seeds just a few hours before ‘getting busy’.


According to Glassman, cloves have been used in Indian medicine for centuries now as a means to treat sexual dysfunctions in men.
The good thing about cloves is that you can introduce it into your diet in a number of ways. You can add this superfood to your chai tea latte, add it to your favorite dish, you can brew it with some apple cider vinegar if you want.


The reason why I’ve included eggs in the list of libido-boosting foods is the fact that it contains a lot of protein in its small package. In fact, one whole egg contains enough protein to give you energy for sex.

Furthermore, Glassman really loves eggs simply because it can actually improve heart health and blood flow to the penis, thanks to its L-arginine content.

Foods that Kill Libido

Now that you know the foods that you should be eating if you want to improve your sex drive, I am now going to talk about the things that may kill your libido. Here are just some of them:

Processed Goods

Baked goodies and other processed foods are loaded with lots of trans fats, sodium, or sugar. All of these things are dangerous to your health simply because too much of them can lead to blocked arteries, coagulated blood, and a host of other medical conditions.
Dairy Products

Although dairy does provide some health benefits, too much of it (or consistent consumption of dairy products) may destroy some oxygen in the body. That is because of its lactic acid content.

If there is any consolation, dairy products do contain some calcium, which is why you can still consume dairy products, albeit in limited quantities.

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